Our story

I will tell you a story of a sack - a unique sack. It is thanks to it that our company has been established!

There came the time when a little boy called Peter was supposed to go to kindergarten for the first time. It was a great event for him. All the time, he would listen to the stories that he would meet many children with whom he would be able to play and spend time. He also learned that he would need a lot of new things for kindergarten, including a sack. At the thought of owning it, he was very pleased because he knew that he would be able to hide inside his friend (a teddy bear). One day he came to his mum and asked her to sew a sack, as he knew that mum enjoyed creating at the machine. “What a wonderful idea!” - cried she satisfied. Later mummy would think long, designed, until 
she eventually sewed a very special sack. Peter fell in love with it right away. His name was on it, so he knew he would have no problems with finding it in the kindergarten cloakroom. On this big day, he put his teddy bear and slippers into the sack and went to kindergarten with a smile. It was a special day for both Peter and his mum.
Mum, looking at the joy of her son, concluded she would like all children to feel so special like her Peter going to kindergarten. She decided to create EMIKO STORE. Today, it is a workshop sewing the most beautiful and the most unique kindergarten sacks for children. Some time ago, the same mum came up with the idea of adjusting the sacks. Thanks to the stoppers she placed at the end of the string, the sacks can be adjusted without any problems.
It turns out that we are the only and the first in the world to use such a solution, which makes 
our company unique. We know what is most important to children. We patented the technology! Thanks to it the sack grows with the child and is suitable for both a 2-year-old and a 10-year-old.

Our products are tested many times by the little ones who threw them, smudged them, soaked them, tugged the strings, filled them with their treasures and checked their strength, filling them to the brim with stones.
They successfully “passed” each of these tests!
Sacks and other accessories are produced entirely in Poland.

If you have any questions, you would like to cooperate with us or just feel like writing something, contact us.