How to sew?

Emiko Store is a dream team, to whom the creation and improvement is not a job, but a lifestyle.

All of our accessories are made with a remarkable perfection, attention to the smallest details and the environment – created only from Polish natural fabrics which do not cause allergic reactions. Our products are safe for children. We combine functionality with practicability, and change a captivating design into the genuinly unique accessories for girls and boys. With the use of the embroidery technique, our small works of art have sensory features.

Our products are perfect gifts or souvenirs for your kids. They will put a smile on the memory of important events in the life of a child.

Look, where we have already sent all of the bags, pillows, towels and other accesories made for you from our hearts.

By supporting small local companies - especially handicraft, you do not set up another villa or a car for a founder of a large chain store. You enable English lessons, footbal trainings and ballet classes for children whose parents are working with all of their hearts.You support local artists, who from A to Z DON’T MASS PRODUCE, but CREATE things, especially for you with passion and love.

Thank you.


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