Kids backpack, drawstring bag - Felix the Fox


Extraordinary drawstring bag. The only one in the world that grows with your child.

We patented the string regulation technology using special stoppers. (You can check it out). No one has used it before. Thanks to this the sack does not get tangled and grows with the child.
The backpack is perfect for walks and travelling, children will hide inside their treasures and will always have them with them. It stands out beautifully in the kindergarten cloakroom.

Emiko Store drawstring backpack:

-is made of materials which are safe for the child

-has the ability to adjust the strings, thanks to the easy-to-use stoppers

-it has a convenient hanging loop for hanging

-it is easy to clean (it can be machine washed)

- tested by children (thrown, soaked, smudged)

There is a possibility of:

-embroidering the NAME to make it a personalized gift for a child

-sewing a small pocket with a zip